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What Is Scotchgard?

What is Scotchgard?

  • A: A platoon of Scotsmen
  • B: Extra-thick Scotch tape
  • C: An effective stain repellent
  • D: A drink made with Scotch

If you answered C, you are correct! Scotchgard is a stain repellent and durable water repellent created and manufactured by the American adhesive company 3M. It’s been around since 1952, when chemists Patsy Sherman and Samuel Smith accidentally discovered the innovative formula. Scotchgard has been on store shelves since 1956 in a variety of different products. Today, many homeowners choose to scotchgard their carpets and furniture to prevent future stains.


What Is Scotchgard?

As you now know, Scotchgard is a stain repellent. It also describes the process scotchgarding, which utilizes Scotchgard to protect fabric and carpet fibers by acting as a seal. Dirt, grime, and (most importantly) stains aren’t able to penetrate the fibers, making clean up a breeze. It keeps your carpet and upholstery looking like new and, because of that, is able to significantly extend the life of these products. Plus, beyond reducing your stress level, it also saves you money because you won’t have to buy so many cleaning products and you will be able to wait a longer time before replacing your carpet and furniture. As the years pass, you will be so glad you invested in Scotchgard.


Why Scotchgard?

Although anyone can choose to Scotchgard their carpet or upholstery, it will probably be most beneficial in households that see a lot of action. If your pets sometimes have accidents, if your children can be a little messy, if you host a lot of parties, or if you’re simply a klutz, scotchgarding will be well worth the investment. Just imagine how much more relaxed you’ll be! No more fretting at your annual Christmas party when all your guests are drinking red wine. No more worries when your dog has an accident in your bedroom. And no more anxious scrubbing with a handful of cleaning products. Plus, Scotchgard is useful outside of your home as well; it’s also a great product to use in offices and it really comes in handy if you own any rental properties.

Although many carpets today come with a protective layer, that product wears down over time and dirt, grime, and stains will be able to penetrate the carpet fibers again. With scotchgarding, you ensure that anything unwanted remains on top of the fibers, making it easier to wipe away or quickly suck up with a vacuum.


Now that you have the answer to the titular question (“What is scotchgard?”), are you ready to make a purchase?

Although you can apply Scotchgard on your own, you must be sure the room has adequate ventilation and you should always wear a protective mask. To simplify the process and ensure that it’s done properly, consider hiring a professional. If you’re interested in having your carpets or furniture scotchgarded and you live in the Springfield area, give First Choice Carpet Cleaning a call. Or, fill out this quick and easy form to get a quote by telephone or e-mail. It’s that easy!