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Scotchgarding Springfield MO

We highly recommend our scotchgarding services to anyone who has pets, children, or a lot of foot traffic going through their home. Our scotchgarding service consists of spraying your carpets in order to protect the fibers, and repel any stains from digging down into the carpet. We suggest that anyone who has their carpets or upholstery steam cleaned also add on this service so that the fresh clean you are enjoying after the cleaning will continue to last as long as possible.

Scotchgarding for Carpets

When you buy a brand new carpet straight from the store, it comes with a protective layer that was applied at the mill where it was made. Over time, this initial protective layer gets worn down and scratched from every day, normal use. If you think about it, your carpet gets used more than anything else you have in your home. It gets walked on, laid on, vacuumed over, stomped on, played on, and a million other things! But all of this adds up in the long run and with all that wear and tear, you end up making the carpet fibers more porous. This means that it is easier for dirt to attach to those fibers and for stains to dig down deeper so they won’t come out completely with your normal everyday cleaning. This is where our scotchgarding service comes in.

Scotchgard acts a sealer, coating over the carpet fibers and filling in any damaged or porous areas. This is very much like that initial protective coating used by the carpet mills and works in the very same way. Dirt and stains will have a much harder time attaching themselves to the fibers in your carpet, which means that the vast majority of dirt will be able to be picked up during your everyday vacuuming. Your carpet fibers will stay cleaner longer, be easier to maintain, and have a prolonged life.

Not Just for Carpets! Get Your Upholstered Furniture Scotchgarded Too!

We can also use our scotchgarding service on your upholstered furniture, as well. We highly recommend scotchgarding your upholstered furniture after using our upholstery cleaning service. It works in the very same efficient way that it does with carpets: it protects your furniture by sealing the fibers and making it more difficult for dirt and stains to attach themselves to your cloth. Keep your furniture looking brand new, and your cleaning tasks easier than ever before, with scotchgarding!

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