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How to Remove Wax from Carpet

Wet wax. It’s not a completely common thing to spill on your carpet, so when it happens, you probably won’t know how to react. Do you pick out the drying clumps with your fingers? Try to blot it up (but by the time you find a paper towel, it will probably be too dry)? Awkwardly attempt to use a regular carpet stain remover? Not all bad ideas, but also not quite right. Those are certainly not the correct answer to the question how to remove wax from carpet. And happily, the solution is much easier than you’d think! So let’s take a look at how to remove wax from carpet.

How to Remove Wax from Carpet

1. Pick at it. So you were right. Go ahead and pick at the wax, removing all that you can. If there’s a large amount, you might be able to break it off in big chunks. Be as gentle as you can so that the chunks don’t break into little pieces. When you’ve removed all that you can, throw the wax pieces into the trash (or recycle them if you happen to enjoy wax craft projects).

2. Gather your supplies. For the main event, you’re just going to need a regular iron and brown kraft paper or a brown paper bag (like the kind you find at the grocery store or pack your lunch in). If the stain is very small, a small bag will work fine. If it’s much larger, you’ll need a large bag or possibly several. Also, tear the bag so that you can use a single layer of paper at a time.

3. Heat up your iron. Heat your iron to a warm-hot setting. Don’t make it too hot or you’ll damage the bag. Also, do not use the steam setting at any time.

4. Apply the paper. Place the brown paper bag directly over the wax stain and press down a little. The paper prevents the wax (which will become hot and wet again) from sticking to the iron and making a possibly even bigger mess.

5. IronIron over the brown paper bag. As you heat the paper, you’ll notice the wax liquifying and starting to stick to the brown paper. Be careful not to let the iron slip off the paper as this could harm both the carpet (depending on its material) and the iron (if it touches the wax).

6. Check your progress and repeat if needed. Unless the wax stain is very small, you will probably need to repeat the process several times and switch out your brown paper bag. Although this is a very simple process for how to remove wax from carpet, it does take some patience and attention to detail. If you’re in too much of a rush, you’ll leave behind bits of wax and have to repeat the steps again another day—not a big deal, but you might as well get it down now. Just keep ironing, even when you think you’ve gotten up everything. Chances are, you didn’t. Depending on the color of the carpet and wax, even a very light stain can show. So be diligent!

7. Trash the trash. Throw away the paper covered in wax and turn off your iron. You’re finished!

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