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Cleaning Up Dog Hair

Everyone loves a soft, cuddly pup. Until shedding season, that is, when you start finding soft, cuddly fur everywhere you look! There’s dog hair covering your carpets, dog hair nestled into the fibers of your couch, dog hair on your clothes and in your bed . . . And if the color of your dog and the color of your furnishings contrast with one another, it can be very obvious and embarrassing. Plus, cleaning up dog hair can be a long and arduous task if you don’t know how to do it correctly. The fur clings and threads down into the fibers of the material. Luckily, there are more techniques and products used for removing dog hair than ever before. Today we’re going to explore both conventional and unconventional approaches to cleaning up dog hair.

Cleaning Up Dog Hair

Lint Rollers: Cheap, simple, and also useful with clothes, lint rollers are a great way to pick up dog hair. Use them on furniture and curtains, simply rolling the sticky surface over the dog hair and disposing of the stickers once they’re hairy and ineffective.

Rubber Gloves or a Rubber Sponge: Either wear a pair of rubber gloves or use a dense sponge (available at pet stores) and moisten the rubber with a little water. Wipe over furniture, curtains, and even carpets to pull away the dog hair. The moisture will make the dog hair heavier, eliminating the static electricity that makes it cling and helping it to ball up.

Vacuum: If you want to use a vacuum for cleaning up dog hair, be sure to pick a strong and durable model. Look for superior suction abilities as well as a product that is easy to use, has an effective agitator brush, and belt endurance. Do your homework before shopping, using testing labs like Consumer Reports and customer reviews to check that the product is truly effective for pet hair removal. With a great vacuum, cleaning up dog hair is easy. Just be sure to change your bag often (since it’s acting as a filter) and keep the wand and brushes clean. If you’re not seeing excellent results, try alternating the direction of your strokes and overlapping each time.

Balloon: If you’re in a pinch but you’ve got some balloons lying around, blow one up and rub it on the hairy surface. The static on the surface will make the hair cling to the balloon. You can then wipe the hair into a trash can. Continue rubbing and cleaning up dog hair until the surface is hair-free.

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So far, our tips have all revolved around cleaning up dog hair when it’s already off the dog and looking unsightly, but you could also solve the problem by eliminating (or lessening) the issue altogether. First and foremost, you should start at the root of the problem and brush your dog often, especially when the seasons change and your dog’s fur is adapting. Brush often to get rid of dead hair and dispose of it before it spreads around your home. If your dog is up for it, you can even vacuum fur straight off his or her body. Many dogs love being vacuumed (it’s true!) and enjoy it the same way they love belly rubs and scratches on the ear.

If you don’t have a dog or are looking to buy a new one soon, you could try to choose a dog that doesn’t shed very much. Poodles, maltese, Yorkshire terriers, schnauzers, dachshunds, and bichon frises are all examples of dogs that shed very little (if at all). And if you’re in the market for new furniture or flooring, consider options that are naturally hair resistant. Hardwood, laminate, tile, and vinyl floors allow you to easily sweep up your dog’s hair, while leather, canvas, ultrasuede, and heavy duty cotton upholstery helps dog hair slide easily into the vacuum. Finally, if your dog is only a puppy and you’re anticipating many years of hairy furniture and carpeting, think about changing your furnishings to match your dog. If you have a dark-haired dog, add a dark rug to the living room. If your pup is white as snow, choose a pale color for your carpeting.

So don’t get too frustrated with your dog’s shedding (you shed too, remember!). Just use our simple tips for cleaning up dog hair to keep your house clean and hair-free. Check back soon for more upholstery and carpet cleaning tips!